About The Travelling Tee

Travelling Tee History

The Travelling Tee starter life as a concept of teaching golf at anytime that suits the client  . After some research I found that I was able to teach at Torrance house golf course in East Kilbride in Glasgow. We are currently working with the golf club and the South Lanarkshire council to improve the range and gain permission to extend the facilities .This includes increasing the  bays we have access to .This is all very exciting stuff. We always like to  find ways to develop  and innovate as a company to better serve our clients.

The Travelling Tee to my knowledge is the only company in Scotland that can refurbish golf clubs and custom golf clubs . We use the best of materials on all golf clubs and our team have over 50 years worth of experience building and refurbishing golf clubs as well as putting your own personnel touch on them. Our services are always expanding and we love peoples new ideas.This area of the business is growing rapidly as we find new ways of “making your clubs different and unique “.You will be amazed at what we can do . You will find more details on this site .

About Grant Logan

I am 34 years old with a vast knowledge of the golf swing and why things should be done in a certain way .I am a fully qualified European Golf Teachers Professional (EGTF ). I have been involved in the game since I left school and have learned the best way to teach golfers  with some top quality drills that are simple and easy to explain. The way I teach is that I like to watch and learn your individual style prior to  explaining what  areas we need to address and why . Many teaching professionals will tell you that it is necessary to be in a certain position but never explain why. In the way I teach I will explain why you should do it a certain way and if you don’t what will happen. This is essential for you to understand when you do hit a bad shot you will know why. If you know why that’s half the battle. Come and see me if you want to get better at Torrance House Golf Course in East Kilbride in Glasgow for all golf coaching.

Travelling Tee Services

The Travelling Tee offer many fabulous services from -;

+    Individual golf lessons

+    Group lessons

+    Refurbishing golf clubs

Custom designs with some funky custom stamping and golf club engraving.

Have a look at our archive and our reviews they don’t lie all 5 star reviews from some of our previous customers. Super work at a superb price.